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EVENINGFUL by Jennifer Whalen

Lightscatter Press Prize winner
now available for preorder! 

         From judge Rick Barot's citation:


"Eveningful is about elation and sorrow and the way they can happen almost at the same time, together. The poems are about an avid delight, yes: “Like sleeping / in someone’s favorite sweater, waking up / with its fine threads in my mouth.” And also yes: “Sometimes the rain / has to start, then stop. Your life will be full / of something; that will have to be enough.”

15% preorder discount prior to publication date!

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the book and|the booplus

Lightscatter Press's books trigger multiple acts and sites of reading, a model that we articulate as the book and, or the book plus: the book launches both its textual self as well as multimedia artifacts and experiences that expand the worlds in which the reader can encounter the text.

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