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Jennifer Whalen's Eveningful chosen by judge Rick Barot for
the Lightscatter Press Prize

From judge Rick Barot's citation:


"Eveningful is about elation and sorrow and the way they can happen almost at the same time, together. The poems are about an avid delight, yes: “Like sleeping / in someone’s favorite sweater, waking up / with its fine threads in my mouth.” And also yes: “Sometimes the rain / has to start, then stop. Your life will be full / of something; that will have to be enough.”

Jennifer Whalen (she/her) is a poet and educator from the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati, Ohio area. Her poems can be found in Gulf Coast, Denver Quarterly, Southern Indiana Review, New South, Glass: A Journal for Poetry, The Boiler, Grist, & elsewhere. In 2015-2016, she served as writer-in-residence at Texas State University’s L.D. & LaVerne Harrell Clark House. She currently teaches English at the University of Illinois Springfield. Eveningful will be her first book of poems, and will be available spring 2024. Congratulations, Jennifer!

Learn more about Jennifer Whalen here

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From judge Diana Khoi Nguyen's citation:

"UNDERSHORE is incandescent, like an electric light housing a filament which glows when a current passes through it. A filament as tender and tenacious as spider silk weathering the elements. Its lyrical adroitness is immediately felt and heard."

the book and|the booplus

Lightscatter Press's books trigger multiple acts and sites of reading, a model that we articulate as the book and, or the book plus: the book launches both its textual self as well as multimedia artifacts and experiences that expand the worlds in which the reader can encounter the text.

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