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The quilt and its cyanotype-printed squares allow you to experience the poems from UNDERSHORE in several ways. Scanning a QR code from a page in the print book will take you to the poem's corresponding quilt square, where you can listen to the poet read the poem aloud. The poem-squares are thematically arranged within the quilt—you can follow a thread and move around within the quilt as you like. Return to the print book at any time by following the listed page number to find your place. 

Select the botanical squares to read new poems written just for this quilt. Each of these new poems is a “tuzzy-muzzy”—a now antiquated term for a bouquet—that has been translated through the language of the flowers, a complex code popular during the Victorian era that assigned specific meanings to individual varieties of plants. 

All squares were designed and printed by Kelly Hoffer; the poems are by her as well. Learn more about the cyanotype process here

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