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A Gallery of Paintings for Eveningful

by Elizabeth Fuller

Artist's Statement:


Elizabeth Fuller created a series of watercolor paintings that reflect the sensuous and introspective tone of Eveningful. These  images function like a secular Book of Hours, each correlating with a different time of day the author has devoted to reflection. The limited palette was selected to represent different moods of light—dawn, sunset, dusk, lamplight. Each painting features a woman in the comfort of her home, lost in thought, and bathed in the monochromatic wash of that time of day. In the negative spaces; walls, doorways, windows, picture frames—another scene is juxtaposed, contrasting in color and subject. This second scene is flush with bodies, nature, movement. The images pose the question: is the subject at home, dreaming of engaging more with the outer world, or out and about, retreating into the comfort of her own mind?

Elizabeth Fuller is a visual artist based in Fort Collins, CO. She has a bachelors in fine art with a concentration in oil painting, as well as three years of experience studying, instructing, and creating curriculum in a classical atelier setting. She currently works primarily in watercolor and is inspired by themes of community and spirituality. Her work has been displayed in several local galleries, and can currently be viewed at

A woman sits on a sofa, outside a window, where she can see a party going on. The image is in shades of red and pink.
A woman descends a staircase. We can see her back--she's wearing trousers and a tank top. Her hand is on the newel post. The carpet of the floor to which she descends is in floral shapes, in shades of red. The staircase and woman are blue.
a woman sleeps in a bed with a red coverlet. She is dreaming. In the dream two hands extend fruit to her, in shades of peach and orange.
A woman bathes. Her shoulders, head, and knees are visible, in shades of red and pink. The bathtub is like a vase, and shows stems and flowers, in shades of blue.
A woman walks through a golden doorway, that's set in a landscape of blue water and mountains. Several other figures walk and pose in the foreground, also in shades of blue.
A room with a table, all in shades of blue. A woman, blurred, walks away from a  window with an outdoor scene, in shades of gold. There is a picture on the wall, also gold, and a hanging light fixture.
A woman at a table, reading, in shades of gold, is superimposed on a city scene, with buildings and a streetcar or train, in shades of red. Two gold picture or window frames hang above her.
A scene in a bus or train, in shades of red and pink. A man's body, shoulder and thigh, wearing a suit, is in the left third of the painting. In the middle third is a woman, in shades of pink, in a private space, looking away.  In the right third of the painting is another partial figure, in shades of red.
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